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CZ Color Case Base Pads (Mecgar 15rd)

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Product Description

Color Case Hardening is one of the earliest known methods of hardening steel. The exact recipe involves bone charcoal, very specific temps, and a quench. The result is an extremely hard surface with a layer of colorful carbon variations. 

Well we don't do color case hardening, and aluminum would melt during the process anyway. We pay homage to the process with our interpretation of it through the medium of Type II Anodizing. Each of these base pads are done by hand, so like the orignal process no two patterns are the same. The pictures are of examples. Each base pad will have the same colors you see here, but the patterns will always be different. 

The Vytal Manufacturing base pads have ledges and bevels cut in all the right places, making a potential mag strip easy under any conditions. These pads fit the 15 rd Mecgar magazines. 

These pair perfectly with our CZ grips. Make sure you keep an eye out for matching sets of grips & pads. 

Precision machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum and Type II custom anodized in house, right here in the USA. 

*Anodizing is an electrochemical process which forms a protective layer of oxide around aluminum parts. The colors produced by this process can vary from batch-to-batch, and even part-to-part. Lighting, angles of photos, and even the type of screen the photo is being viewed on can impact what the colors look like. We do our best to give you the most accurate and consistent colors we can, and thank you for understanding slight variations.


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