Custom Anodizing

This form is for customers who are interested in sending in parts for custom color and pattern anodizing, or are inquiring about patterns and styles not listed on the Vytal webstore. If you would like to contract our custom anodizing services please read, complete and submit this form, and allow for 2 full business days for us to contact you to discuss a quote.

Custom Anodizing lead times start at 3 weeks from receipt of parts.

FOR CUSTOMER-SUPPLIED PARTS: Please note that we currently only offer custom color anodizing services for unserialized aluminum parts. If you have steel or copper parts, or parts that are serialized at point of manufacture, we will not accept them. Please do not send parts in until you have received a quote and paid your invoice, and please include a copy of the paid invoice in the package with your parts, for our record keeping. If you fail to do this your order may fall through the cracks and extend your lead time accordingly.

FOR CUSTOM AND SPECIALTY ANODIZING STYLES ON VYTAL'S IN-HOUSE PARTS: Please note that we do not offer identical 'color matching' or 'pattern matching' as a matter of policy. Anodizing is a time- and labor-intensive process with many variables that can make it difficult to perfectly reproduce patterns and color tones from part to part. We do our best, but we expect our customers to understand and appreciate the limitations of the anodizing process. The color of anodized parts can look wildly different under different conditions and on different screens; please manage your expectations.